Sustainable Development Strategy: Vision 2030 Egypt

The Ministry of Planning and Follow-up and administrative reform leaders prepare sustainable development strategy Vision 2030 Egypt since January 2014 which are aimed at :

  1. Develop and formulate a vision for the development of the new Egypt until 2030, Serve as a road map to maximize benefit from the available resources and increase the competitive advantage and is working to revive Egypt’s historical role in the leadership of the region and to provide a decent life for citizens.

We have been relying in the preparation of this strategy on a participatory approach with representatives of civil society organizations and the private sector, ministries, experts and academics.

Also it has been several workshops held with

  • – International agencies including the International Labour Organization.
  • – United Nations Fund for Population Activities.
  • – UN Women.
  • – United States Agency for International Development, and the World Bank.

In preparation for this strategic framework, it has to take advantage of strategies and initiatives prepared by the parties and government institutions and private and civil society started. The strategies and plans, which included the review and build on it, “Egypt’s vision 2030” prepared by and Decision Support of the Cabinet Information Center, and “strategic urban plan 2052” which was prepared by the General Authority for Urban Planning at the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, and the “Strategic Framework for Plan Development economic and social until 2022 “issued by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and the” Vision 712 “issued by the sands Foundation, and many of the strategies prepared by a number of countries which have been successful in this area, such as India, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa and others.

The strategy comes as a framework for this mosque previous efforts through the development of an integrated year based on specific key areas to address the main problems facing the Egyptian society, and take into account the probability of the risks that could be taking place in the global environment in the coming years. The strategy also included efforts by all ministries and agencies to be assembled and built upon in one integrated framework binding on all development partners.

It has also been taken into account when preparing the strategy should be linked to the strategic objectives of the indicators of specific and performance measurement take responsibility for implementing specific destinations, realistic and linked to the specified time SMART and fit and are highly sustainable development goals of the post-2015 launched by the United Nations in September 2015 started.

Stages of the sustainable development strategy: Egypt’s vision 2030 preparation

Stages of the sustainable development strategy: Egypt’s vision 2030 three major stages as follows preparation:

رؤية مصر 2030

Targeted this stage study and analysis of the current situation and the previous study strategies and plans prepared at the national, sectoral, and visions and strategies prepared by the civil society and the private sector, as well as international strategies. The selections have been analyzed and the most important problems facing Egypt at the present time and the future, in addition to access to variables and future international challenges.

رؤية مصر 2030

This phase focused on identifying the main thrusts of the strategy, and the development of the main structure of the strategy (enablers – the ingredients – axes), and the formulation of visions and goals and objectives for the main sub-themes that have been carefully selected by and large. It should be noted disconnect between the main axes to specific sectors, but that some of the themes linked to more than one sector, it is possible that the sectors or ministries and agencies associated with more than one axis of the strategic axes, and has been held more than 30 workshops at this stage.

رؤية مصر 2030

This phase includes converting the sub-goals of various axes to policies, programs and projects of priority and identify linkages and entanglements between the different themes as to achieve sustainable development goals with a review of the performance indicators that measure progress towards achieving the objectives of the axes, and identify targets for the amount to be achieved by 2030 and has been in this phase was held about 50 workshop.

رؤية مصر 2030

This phase included a writing strategy document and review with all parties concerned and presented to the Council of Ministers, and prepare a plan to connect the community to define the strategy and promotion At the national and regional level.